Mike Thompson, Chair, Bradford City Supporters Trust

This terrible tragedy took the lives of 56 football fans, injured hundreds more and deeply affected countless others throughout the whole of the community in ways that can hardly be imagined. People recall the events of that day and the subsequent physical, mental and spiritual healing in their own way. Many people gather together in memory of those lost and affected at an annual commemoration service each year on 11th May in the City Centre.

It has also become a tradition for Bradford City fans to hold a one minute silence and contribute to a collection at the last home game each season, the proceeds of which are added to other fund-raising activities in support of the PSBRU at Bradford University, which carries out important research into the treatment of burns injuries. Many of the injured people owe their recovery to the sterling work of the medical staff at local hospitals, supported by the expertise of the Unit at that time and support for its ongoing research work has become a positive legacy throughout the Bradford District and beyond.

As 2015 marks the 30th. anniversary of that awful day, it would be very supportive if the football community could join us in a dignified commemoration. If anyone would like to add to this in a tangible way, there could be no finer tribute than to contribute to fund-raising for the PSBRU